Christmas Day, presents opened. In the workshop all day…

Update: Project Kawasaki H1A, 500 triple: Forks built and filled with oil, new headrace and wheel bearings, front brake shoes re-lined and like new, new front tyre. Nuts and bolts to replace, if I can find them! And that’s just for starters!!!


RESTORATION PART 4. It’s all about sending, buying, cleaning, restoring and getting parts ready for the rebuild now. Be sure to use reputable re-finishers and repairers. There are lots of cowboys out there!!! Try to attack this, one part at a time. Grab a seat, get comfortable and some decent music on; it all helpsContinue reading “RESTORATION PART 4”


1st stage of Restoration. The same basic rules apply to all restoration, standard or custom. You’re aiming to get a project back to its former glory, for as little work and cash as possible. When you get to the bike. Check the steering stops and frame. These things can be straightened but they will needContinue reading “RESTORATION PART 1”

KAWASAKI H1A chroming is top quality!

Only just opened the chroming box for the Kawasaki H1A. I was informed by the chrome before he sent the parcel, so not panicking but most has not been sent back yet. Sent in June, told 10 weeks, which I thought was a long time but still waiting for most of it????? Well happy withContinue reading “KAWASAKI H1A chroming is top quality!”

HONDA CB750K2. My Motorcycle Restoration Project!

I did say it wouldn’t be just about boats and traveling. This is going to be really short though, just to introduce you to another love, motorbikes “Restoring them is my real passion”.  I’ll be writing about this Honda CB750K2 in a few blogs. It’s been restored by myself already, so it will be aContinue reading “HONDA CB750K2. My Motorcycle Restoration Project!”