A twin keel, 1979 COBRA 1050, 10.4m sail boat with electric propulsion

We found our sail boat project. The solar electric propulsion would fit like a glove. She had all the potential to be a long distance live aboard. A COBRA 1050 with twin keel was a better find than we expected.

Our new/used COBRA 1050, twin Keel. A Masthead Sloop rigged, ocean cruising, sail boat with solar electric propulsion. Approximate dimensions are 10.4m length x 3.7m beam with a maximum draft of 1.6m.

Designed by David Feltham Yacht Designs, as an 8 berth but to be honest is perfect for 2 on a long cruise. Easy to sail with a maximum water speed of approximately 7kts, with a good 20kts following wind.

I fitted an axillary electric engine (solar electric propulsion) which came as a kit and is manufactured by Lynch Electric Motors in the UK. The model of electric drive fitted to OCEAN STRIDER is an 8kw Marlin Drive, which runs on 48v DC electric current, fed by 8 x 200amp AGM batteries. Perfect for this size of boat, approximately equivalent to a 24hp diesel engine.

We were going to need a remote, sustainable, eco friendly electricity supply. I had a stainless steel frame made to my design and fitted it to the stern. We added a spray hood and full canopy, using the frame for support. I then added 4 x 100w solar panels and a Rutland 1200, 48v/483w wind generator.

The electric drive also charges the battery bank when sailing at around 5kts through the water or more.

As an added precaution I fitted a 7kw LPG HYUNDAI generator in the cockpit.

Connected to the 48v, solar electric propulsion battery bank is a 48v x 3000w pure sine inverter/charger with solar controller, a fantastic piece of equipment. Which feeds 240v AC into the boat from the batteries, charges the engine battery bank and controls the solar charging

At the present time, she has a set of leisure batteries (12v DC), which I intend to remove when I work out a problem with the DC to DC converter (48v ->12v DC). I can then use the engine battery bank to power the leisure side of the boat.

The whole charging system is fantastic.

solar, wind and water. ALL SUSTAINABLE. charging under sail and at anchor.

6 thoughts on “OCEAN STRIDER

  1. Really excited for you both, your such a clever practical person, I love making boats vehicles off grid but not gone for the drive due to costs best wishes and fair winds

    1. Hi Tom. The cost of the drive, including batteries, controls, charger, the complete kit, was slightly less than the cost of an equivalent, new engine. Less than you may think and well worth it. I posted a blog about fitting, which I’ll be revisiting. We should make the world a cleaner place. If you need advice or help, just ask I’m happy to help. Les

  2. Hi Les & Jeanette Dave J here worked for you both at NBC. I don’t know how I came across the site but it was a good surprise. Great to see you took your idea of electrically powered boat and are sailing the world with it, looks like a great adventure and a lovely boat, watched the YouTube tour vid you did, looks brilliant.

    Hope all is well with you both, stay safe, if you’re ever back in the midlands we can go for a drink and catch up, would be great to hear the stories.

    1. Hi Dave
      Thank you for the message, it’s always good to hear from someone in Notts. I remember the name but am struggling to put a face to it! Can you remind me when you worked for us and what you did please?

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