A positive thing for the environment.

WIND AND SOLAR POWER. A personal one, from me about the environment and how, in my opinion. We can all help! A world that can sustain all life for ever.  My hope for the future and its happening! I’m sure that DC Electric motors are a big part of the answer. Consider a vehicle thatContinue reading “A positive thing for the environment.”


RESTORATION PART 4. It’s all about sending, buying, cleaning, restoring and getting parts ready for the rebuild now. Be sure to use reputable re-finishers and repairers. There are lots of cowboys out there!!! Try to attack this, one part at a time. Grab a seat, get comfortable and some decent music on; it all helpsContinue reading “RESTORATION PART 4”


Organise Yourself It makes all the difference! Double check images of the standard bike against the parts, so that you don’t make mistakes with the finish. If it’s a custom job, it’s decision time. Some of this work gets a bit frustrating but it will be worth-it when your rebuilding. As you check, you’ll buildContinue reading “RESTORATION PART 3”

How to D.I.Y. like a professional. Its about the mindset. Read on!!

You can do it properly. Learn fast, take advantage of every experience! That’s a very broad statement. One which, if you get time to think about it, should make every task easier and better in the end. I’m sure we all remember parts of our younger days, or maybe you are young. “This is toContinue reading “How to D.I.Y. like a professional. Its about the mindset. Read on!!”

Where did that day go?

Everything should start with a plan and drawing. I spent most of day changing a few things on the site. Including my email address, which is now, I hope you all understand and continue to visit. I’m new to blogging and setting up websites and I’m really enjoying it. My theory is, it canContinue reading “Where did that day go?”