Christmas Day, presents opened. In the workshop all day…

Update: Project Kawasaki H1A, 500 triple: Forks built and filled with oil, new headrace and wheel bearings, front brake shoes re-lined and like new, new front tyre. Nuts and bolts to replace, if I can find them! And that’s just for starters!!!

Kawasaki H1A restoration continued.

Kawasaki H1A Restoration continued. The dreaded Covid 19 is really slowing things down. The parts I sent for various services are taking their time to come back. Some have been 3-4 months late and parts are even worse. Here’s the latest up-date. I’ve been working 7 days a week, so not had loads of timeContinue reading “Kawasaki H1A restoration continued.”

Kawasaki H1A restoration up-date!

An up-date on my Kawasaki H1A 500 triple restoration. ABOVE! You can see the start of a complete rebuild on the engine, the forks and wheels. I’ll keep posting images of the complete restoration. I hope to be finished by spring. If anyone would like to make a genuine offer on the Kawasaki H1A above.Continue reading “Kawasaki H1A restoration up-date!”

Is this the start for the UK?

It’s assumed we started out as a very basic animal/mammal. We then started discovering things that helped us, maybe it started with fire, wheel! Who knows? Since the beginning, the human race has had power hungry individuals that have encouraged people to follow them, cause wars and other horrific things. Every now and then, theyContinue reading “Is this the start for the UK?”

Our Planet. Our Environment!

Environmental thought of the day. After talking to friends of all ages, it seams to me that most people are concerned about the environment. Which is fantastic but for some reason we are led to believe, that if we do anything about our priceless environment, we’re wired! A few people ignore litter and pollution, theyContinue reading “Our Planet. Our Environment!”

Project restoration, KAWASAKI H1A

This may be boring to some but very useful to others. I’m on with building my KAWASAKI H1A and the first thing I’ll be posting is the fork chroming. Interested in Motorcycle restoration? You may find the following useful! The upper fork legs for my 1971, KAWASAK H1A are no longer available. They were pitted,Continue reading “Project restoration, KAWASAKI H1A”