Hi I’m Strider.

I get more confident the older I get but still make mistakes as we all do! I’ve learnt to survive, accept, make less mistakes, slog on and sort them out.

My school life is nothing to brag about and as early as I can remember. School was more of a social thing to me. I lived through school believing I should be at the bottom of the class. That was mostly to do with my mindset and the people I hung around with. I left with terrible grades.

I started my working life in 1977, serving an apprenticeship as a Welder Plater. My boss was the Vice President of the Welding Institute, who insisted I practice my chosen skill every day. It was those 6 years as an apprentice, that gave me the sound educational grounding I needed.

The next stage in my life was unusual. Just before I finished my apprenticeship, (1981) I managed to catch a rear illness called Guillain-Barr’e syndrome. That really messed me about “click the link” if you would like to know more about the illness. I was completely paralyzed and in intensive care for a while, then full time rehabilitation for a year or 2.

That illness didn’t just affect my physical. It sent me off the almost normal path I was on. The long term girl friend and a good career all went out of the window. Although I did finish my apprenticeship. The next 6 years is a bit of a blur really, all about motorbikes, traveling, girls and partying. That time took me up to 1987 and when I started my first business.

I realised I couldn’t carry on down this slippery slope. I started my first business, Motorcycle Restoration. I worked for top Rock Stars, vintage motorcycle collectors and some of the biggest race teams in the UK. I eventually had 22 employees. I raced my own bikes on the track and dirt. I had my own body-shop, extensive workshops and a Dyno. It was a fantastic time for me and lasted 20 years. The business ended in 2007.

I then worked as a reginal manager for one of the biggest motorcycle repairer’s in the UK. I managed to see my 3 year contract out, but really didn’t enjoy working for anyone but myself.

Now 2010, I started a boat building company, we made inland waterways craft. Another huge learning curve for me. The goal wasn’t to make loads of money but to learn all about making boats and how they work. The company lasted almost 10 years and eventually employed 24. We made over 60 boats in that time, the highest value order we took was £250,000.

Now we come to the present. I’m now writing this blog, which is a brand new thing to me. I would love to pass on what I’ve learnt in my life and professions, from my past, what I’m learning now and hope to learn and see in my future . If you’re reading this, I can only hope you are interested for one reason or another and hope you like it, follow and share my blogs with your friends and family.

I now live and sail on Ocean Strider, in the North West of England and Scotland. A 10 meter Cobra 1050 sail boat, with DC electric drive that I fitted. My goal since the late 70’s was to circumnavigate the world on a sail boat. Unfortunately COVID has hit and things have been delayed, which means I can finish more of the not so important work on the boat, before we leave, an easier option.

A saying for sailor’s. “Plan not to Plan”. Just have to go where the weather and life takes us!!!

I love boats, motorbikes, my wife, traveling and doing stuff.

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