Our adventures Sailing a Yacht Powered by Electric Engine

Stunning places to see.

A sailing journey onboard OCEAN STRIDER.

Eco Conscientious AVENTURE!


Our mission whilst living this sailing adventure. Is to share the real time practical knowledge we acquire, using sails and an axillary solar electric engine, with onboard renewable power sources charging the main battery bank.

A beautiful day in Portimao, Portugal. Both of us relaxing after a long sail on our electric powered sailing yacht.
A beautiful day in Portimao, Portugal. Both of us relaxing after a long sail on our electric powered yacht.

A blog about our sailing yacht OCEAN STRIDER with Electric Engine.

This blog site is about our epic global journey. Onboard OCEAN STRIDER a COBRA 1050 a 10.2m Yacht, using sails and a solar electric engine.

She has 400w of solar power and a 483w 48v wind generator fitted to a stainless steel frame on the stern. The electric engine will re-charge the batteries as the water speed reaches approximately 5kts under sail. OCEAN STRIDER has the capability of a sailing power station.  

I’m an experienced long term live aboard with engineering and boat building skills, this helps me as a user understand how the whole systems works in the real world. I would like to share my gathered, useful and practical information on this website and convince a few to chose electric propulsion now or in the future on your very own yacht.

User advantages of a sailing yacht with an Electric Engine.

Solar electric propulsion systems are clean and more efficient. There are no gearboxes on most, which has a very positive effect on efficiency. There are no diesel exhaust fumes flooding the cockpit, cabin or environment.

Service intervals are as much 20 times the hours of a diesel engine and there are less parts to buy. You gain the extra benefits of fueling the propulsion system with renewable and sustainable energy sources fitted to the boat, rather than costly fossil fuels.

The battery bank has a much bigger capacity than most leisure systems. Which can be distributed throughout the boat, adding to stability and charge capacity. Which is awesome for leisure uses.

Environmental benefits of a sailing yacht with solar electric engine.

Important to everyone including generations to come, are the benefits to the environment. The total lack of fossil fuel for propulsion, no old engine or gearbox oil, filters and less packaging for servicing.  Secondly, it’s air-cooled, so you have no cooling water being pumped back into the earth’s oceans and rivers. Thirdly, and most importantly, no toxic emissions are being pumped into the atmosphere to contribution to Global Warming.

We will of course be adding blogs to show our travels of where we are, where we are going and how we got there. Come Join Us!

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