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We’ve now spent more than a year onboard Ocean Strider, with her 8kw air cooled, brushed, DC electric, auxiliary engine. We’ve sailed 6,000 trouble free nautical miles.

Time to work.

My funds for completing this epic journey are starting to look a little sparse. Its time to make use of the experience I’ve acquired, during this voyage, my years as an engineer, boat builder and a boater.

I started this voyage with two ambitions.

My first goal was to circumnavigate the planet under sail.

The second was to prove that a sail boat with electric propulsion, using sustainable energy generation to produce the fuel, is the ultimate clean and efficient manmade vehicle.

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It was always a hope of mine, that during this adventure I could generate my own funds if needed, and finish my circumnavigation in England.

Acquiring knowledge.

The years I’ve lived, always acquiring knowledge through engineering and boating, with my engineering background spanning more than 40 years, my boating and boat building life spans more than 35 years.

My experience in these very related fields, plus this last year sailing a boat with electric engine has put me in a unique position.

Six thousand miles = cost ZERO!

The first 6,000 nautical miles of this circumnavigation has cost me nothing in boat yards or marinas, for repairs or maintenance. I prepared the boat for this trip originally, and complete all ongoing maintenance and the very few repairs needed myself.

No fuel cost!

I’ve spent nothing on fuel, as I’m able to manage sailing Ocean Strider with her electric engine, from and too all the anchorages and marinas we’ve visited. Which is over 50 unique destinations with their own individual difficulties, throughout Britain, Europe, Canary Islands, Cape Verde and the Caribbean.   

I’m now offering my skills, with qualifications and experience, to collect and deliver sail boats, from and too destinations all over the world. With a unique category which is sailboats with electric engines.

Please share this information with as many individuals as you can.

I’ve just got to finish this voyage, or lose my sanity!

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