Stunning Five Mast Cruise Ship moors in PORTIMAO

A five mast cruise ship arrives in Portimao Portugal. A fantastic looking Cruise Ship “Club Med 2

I heard what sounded like a big ship passing, as I lay in bed this morning. Jeanette was up, which makes a change. She let me know there was another cruise ship pulling into port. This one had masts.

Sounded interesting. I got up for a look and it was Club Med 2. A Five-Mast computer-controlled staysail schooner. Operated and owned by Club Med as a cruise ship.

I had a look on Google, it has Diesel Electric Power. Traditional diesel engines that don’t need gearboxes, as they convert mechanical force into electrical energy, through a Dynamo. The electrical energy is then used to drive traction motors which drive the boat mechanically. The traction motors are enclosed in pods which are turned to increase maneuverability.

Length: 187m

Launched: 1996

Draft: 5.09m

Beam: 20m

Crew: 214

Owner: Club Med

Capacity: 386 passengers

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