We’ve made improvements to our website OCEAN STRIDER

A stunning sunset taken from the cockpit of OCEAN STRIDER.

We’ve spent some time re-organising our blog site @

All about our adventures onboard OCEAN STRIDER. A COBRA 1050 10.4 meter live aboard sailing yacht with a Lynch electric propulsion engine.

Our aim is to make this blog site easy to navigate and as informative as posible.

Now and in the future we will be researching and writing Blogs about the places we’ve been, the places we are going and how we get there.

This blog is also very much about our Sail Boat OCEAN STRIDER. The solar electric propulsion engine and the sustainable energy sources onboard.

We will be blogging about our practical experiences, using these electric engines on board our sailing yacht. Spending time researching this and various other systems and the various equipment needed to complete them, fit them and use them.

We would love to know what you think about our site?

Do you have any sugestions to make it better?

Do you need to know more about our system?

Would you like to know more about other systems and equipment?

We hope you like the new site!

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