A Sailing dream, Now a Reality.

Lagos on the Algarve. A visual experience, that makes it all worth it.

The dream becomes reality. We sailed South, to the ALGARVE in PROTUGAL!!!

On 24th July 2021, we started our epic journey, from Maryport in the UK. Sailing and living onboard OCEAN STRIDER. Continuing South for more than 1,000 miles, as the crow flies. Sailing roughly 1,500, nautical miles, to our destinations on the way.

We’ve experienced sailing as good as it gets. Running and reaching with a perfect warm, winds. Sail taking us comfortably to the next, unseen destination. We’ve had dolphins following, mile after mile, showing off in the surf and speeding along in groups, swimming upside down in the clear water. An experience, I wouldn’t have missed for anything.

A journey that’s taken us to the edge of our comfort zone and back.

Night sailing in heavy seas, with just the stars for light. Dark silhouettes of huge waves and land, with only the navigation system to make sense of your position.

In the mist and driving rain, turning the navigation system, touch screen into an unusable pane of glass. Vision becomes almost pointless for avoiding danger, when you can only see to the next wave. You hope nothing comes undetected, out of the fog bank.

Experiences that make memories and the good times absolute pure gold.

On our journey, we’ve sailed South down the West coast of England and Wales. Across the channel from Newlyn in England to Brest in France. Across the Bay of Biscay to Ares in Northern Spain on the Atlantic coast. We then sailed to the Rea’s on the West Atlantic coast of Spain. Then onto the West coast of Portugal South to Cape St Vicente, and round and on to the South coast, to Lagos on the Algarve.

The 31 ports and anchorages we have visited, are as follows:

  1. Whitehaven “England”
  2. Barrow-In-Furness “England”
  3. Conwy “Wales”
  4. Beaumaris “Menai “Straight/Wales”
  5. Caernarfon “Menai Straight/Wales”
  6. Fishguard “Wales”
  7. Milford Haven “Wales”
  8. Page De Blank “France”
  9. Brest “France”
  10. Ares “Spain”
  11. Malpica “Spain
  12. Corme “Spain”
  13. Camarinas “Spain”
  14. Portosin “Spain”
  15. Porto Do Son “Spain”
  16. Piedras Negras “Spain”
  17. Baiona “Spain”
  18. Pova De Varzim “Portugal”
  19. Lexioes “Portugal”
  20. Figueira Da Foz “Portugal”
  21. Nazare “Portugal”
  22. St Martinho Do Porto “Portugal”
  23. Peniche “Portugal”
  24. Cascaise “Portugal”
  25. Oeiras “Portugal”
  26. Seasimbra “Portugal”
  27. Cabo De Sines “Portugal”
  28. Vila Nova De Milfontes “Portugal”
  29. Ponta Da Arrifana “Portugal”
  30. Cabo De Saao Vicente “Portugal”
  31. Lagos “Portugal”

All 31 destinations have a story to tell. I’ll be adding a photo gallery soon.

We still have a long way to go on this incredible journey. We’re hoping the major winter storms are North of us.

It’s time to catch up with this blog and some R & R.

OCEAN STRIDER sailing East, towards GIBRALTAR.

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