Long term test. Sailing Electric.

Extended Cruising, using an Electric Powered Sail Boat.

It’s over a year since I fitted the electric drive to OCEAN STRIDER. Practical information regarding its use, is almost impossible to find. Manufacturers just don’t have the time to do what we are doing.

I can only assume this is why. Uptake on electric powered sail boats, as far as I can tell is very rare at the moment.

Over 1,500 nautical miles, on our live aboard sail boat OCEAN STRIDER.

Electric drive is 99.9% positive, there is very little negative effect.

A Sail Boat with Electric Propulsion, can make an Environmental Difference.

My previous blog explained how information, and on-going practical experience, has benefitted my sailing skills on board OCEAN STRIDER.

Highlighted below are the other positive benefits of electric drive on a sail boat.

The drives themselves are very light and small, compared to a diesel engine. The drive I fitted was only 18kg, I could carry it in one hand. Fitting the drive was so easy.

The drive requires a large battery bank. You could say a very large energy storage tank. A storage tank that can be filled free of charge, or at least at very low cost, using solar, wind, re-generation and external sources.

This tank can be used for other things, depending on the equipment you fit. On OCEAN STRIDER, I can run microwaves, kettles, vacuum cleaners, laptops and most of the other equipment you would have in your home, whilst disconnected. The use of this equipment, just scratches the surface of the power I have stored.

After removing the engine, the battery bank can be distributed through the boat more centrally, giving better weight distribution and stability to the boat. You have increased the storage capacity in your engine room but probably decreased the room in your lockers. Your engine room should now stay clean and dry, due to no oil or diesel.

You can now store lots more free energy in your batteries, using solar and wind power generation. It’s awesome!

When you’re motor sailing or plain motoring, you don’t get diesel fumes and you can fill your tank on the go. It’s all so clean.

The technology is here. Manufacturers know it should work. I’m not really sure they know how well?

It gives me a warm feeling in my heart knowing I’m sailing for peanuts and looking after the environment. What could be better?

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