Long Distance Sailing with an Electric Engine.

Extended Cruising, using an Electric Powered Sail Boat.

Long term test about Ocean sailing onboard an eco friendly yacht.

It’s over a year since I fitted the electric drive to OCEAN STRIDER. Practical information regarding its use, is almost impossible to find. Manufacturers just don’t have the time to do what we are doing.

I assume this is why the uptake on electric powered sail boats is very rare at the moment.

Over 1,500 miles of extended cruising, on our eco friendly journey.

Electric drive is 99.9% positive, there is very little negative effect.

A Sail Boat with Electric Propulsion can make an Environmental Difference.

One of my previous blogs explained how information and on-going practical experience has benefitted my sailing skills and the traveling range of OCEAN STRIDER.

Highlighted below are the other positive benefits of electric drive on a sail boat.

The drives themselves are light and small, compared to a diesel engine. The Lynch Marlin drive I fitted was only 18kg, I could carry it in one hand. Fitting the drive was so easy.

The drive requires a large battery bank. You could say a very large energy storage tank. A storage tank that can be filled free of charge, using solar, wind, engine re-generation and even external sources.

The large battery bank on board OCEAN STRIDER is also used for domestic purposes, which includes running microwaves, kettles, vacuum cleaners, laptops. A small example of the other positive advantages, within reach when using this clean technology.

The battery bank can be placed more centrally than the original diesel engine, giving better weight distribution and stability to the boat. There will be increased storage capacity in your clean engine room but your locker storage may suffer. The whole boat will be cleaner as there will be no need for oil or diesel.

A storage unit for your FREE Green Electric Power.

You can now store lots more FREE energy in your batteries, using solar and wind power generation. It’s awesome!

When you’re motor sailing or plain motoring, there are no diesel fumes and you can fill your tank on the go. It’s all so clean.

The technology is here. Manufacturers know it works. I’m not really sure they know how well?

It gives me a warm feeling in my heart knowing I’m sailing for peanuts and looking after the environment. What could be better?

Please read the LINKED, very interesting article, all about electric propulsion development.

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