Living our dream, learning lots.

Sailing the dream. Long distance cruising on our sail boat for 2 months, with more than a 1,000 miles under our belts, on our electric powered sail boat “OCEAN STRIDER” has been a valuable experience.

We left Maryport in Cumbria, UK, on 24 Jul 2021, and arrived at Peniche, on the Atlantic coast of Portugal (Nr Lisbon) on 27 Sep 2021.

We’ve undertaken journeys of all sizes; 350-mile non-stop voyages across the Bay of Biscay down to a 5NM hop along the coast and lots in-between. All completed and planed the same, as I would a sail on a boat with a diesel engine.

When at sea on a boat, know the weather conditions, the boat and its capability’s, be on top of the job. If extended cruising, water and food can be life or death choices.

Ultimately though, the boat you chose and how you chose to get from A to B is your choice.

For me…“I love to sail”.

My Order of Priorities, for traveling on board Ocean Strider

  1. The boat and systems, including communication must be A1.
  2. The weather. Can I get from A to B using the wind? There are lots of weather apps out there. With a little practice, you can gauge the wind, what is doing and going to do. “Predicting the weather is not a precise science”, it takes time to understand and is never perfect.
  3. Check the batteries, just as you would your diesel tank. My fuel gauge is a Victron BMV 700 battery monitor. I like to see 100% on the gauge.

I know how many miles I need to complete. Where I am and where I need to go. Knowing the bolt holes on the way, is a huge piece of mind. The plan is completed.

I re-check the wind and sea state before I leave for the next destination and am happy to say, OCEAN STRIDER has always got us there.

I don’t start a journey without knowing, I have enough charge for the electric engine to get to the start of the sail and more than enough charge to get into the next port.

Sailing is an unpredictable hobby, as we all know, and I’m not saying we have the perfect boat, but I’m happy that OCEAN STRIDER is up to the job. Electric drive and all.

I have a lot to learn and believe I always will. I don’t take anything for granted and hope I never do.

Long distances: More to say on that another time, are a different story altogether.

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2 thoughts on “Living our dream, learning lots.

  1. Thank you for your support Glenda. Its been a hard learning curve but we’re getting there. The further we go, the more experience we get, more enjoyable it all is.
    Were now in Oeiras Nr Lisbon. The weather is warm and sunny, the place so far is fantastic. Beaches and sun everywhere.

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