The seed that started the journey.

It was 1977-78, I was 17-18 and my girlfriends dad asked me if I fancied a sail on his dinghy on the River Trent, which we did. It was my first-time sailing. I can’t remember if I enjoyed it but from that day my goal was to circumnavigate the world on a sail boat. (From little seeds).

Life made getting here as difficult as possible, as it does but my focus and drive never wavered. I really can’t explain why!

So here we finally are and for the last 15 years plus, my wife Jeanette has put up with some serious aggravation, so that we can both do this. 

Brexit or Covid wont help on this journey but they are both beyond our control, so we just have to live and work with them and get on with life.

The day, Saturday the 24th July 2021 and were ready as were going to get for this epic trip. We’ve got to go to beat the Autumn storms or its going to be next year.

This blog will be about the journeys ups and downs. We have a drone for areal videos and a go pro for on board, underwater and adventure videos.

Oh, and just to make things more difficult for both of us, our sailing boat has an electric drive, installed by me and powered by a large battery bank, not diesel.

I’ve also installed solar power and a wind generator. The electric drive also charges the battery bank when under sail.

It’s going to be a hard learning curve but as we move forward on this adventure, we’ll learn and adjust the way we do things. We hope to get our carbon use to zero or very close. With comfort, convenience and affordability being the main goals. We should all be able to do this if we want to!

It would be great to convince some of you out there, that electric drive on a sail boat can work for roughly the same initial cost and with much less running costs.

The advantages I see, are cleaner, quieter, less smelly running with a more comfortable on board living standard. Plus, it will be better for the environment, which isn’t a bad thing.

Proof is in the pudding though, please follow us and see how we make this work. I’ll explain what equipment we have and how we use it, to make this journey and our lives as close to the normal land lover’s life as possible, on a 34ft sail boat. Should be interesting!

We hope that through our experience we can save some of you sailors some cash, convince you to go electric and get more enjoyment from your boat.

Look after our environment, we only have one!!!

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