Setting Off On Board OCEAN STRIDER

The first day of our world cruise.

Late start as expected!

The first day was always going to be a late start. Still trying to get all the kit on board at 1am in the morning and it was a hot night. Bed looking very inviting, we’d finish in the morning.

After waking up, we just got everything on board, with the intention to thin it all out during the trip. It was the only way.

Our first stop was going to be the Isle Of Mann but the lack of wind made that a very difficult trip, we needed to sail.

After that, Barrow-In-Furness was a big sail but the right direction. We finally left Maryport Marina 12.15pm and made it 10 miles to Whitehaven with almost no wind and no sleep. the adventure begins.

Jeanette’s face says it all but at least we have made a start. Next stop Barrow!

After leaving Maryport, a fishing port in Cumbria with a lot of history. I would like to say, it is the friendliest town. Everyone has time for you, its a fantastic place. The marina and caravan park are well worth a visit. The Lake District is not far away.

See our first video @

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An old boy with a plan to see the world.

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