Kawasaki H1A restoration continued.

Kawasaki H1A Restoration continued.

The dreaded Covid 19 is really slowing things down. The parts I sent for various services are taking their time to come back. Some have been 3-4 months late and parts are even worse.

Here’s the latest up-date.

I’ve been working 7 days a week, so not had loads of time but the cash is always useful. 

I got the paintwork, powder coating, vapour blasting, recon crank, re-boar and chroming back now. I managed to get a set of Japanese +.50 pistons, rings, little ends, gasket set, O-ring and oil seal’s so all can go ahead in the Christmas holidays. I had this Sunday off so got the engine bottom end in the frame and started going through the chroming and parts.

I also got a full set off brand new exhaust pipes and a wiring loom “awesome”.

Hope you like the photo’s

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