Is this the start for the UK?

It’s assumed we started out as a very basic animal/mammal. We then started discovering things that helped us, maybe it started with fire, wheel! Who knows?

Since the beginning, the human race has had power hungry individuals that have encouraged people to follow them, cause wars and other horrific things. Every now and then, they do good!!

The little I know says the human race hasn’t really changed over the ages. Except we now have the atom bomb to help deterrer world wars. We don’t blow as much up now, and I don’t just mean each other!

Businesses are accumulating so much money, they have more wealth than governments. Which allows them to negotiate directly with governments.

Governments are hear to serve and protect the people. Which leads them to protect these companies, as they usually employ huge numbers of people.

Companies have their own agenda. If they have enough money and power they can openly, severely abuse the environment with the government’s protection. Just look at oil spills and palm oil plantations to name but a few.  

May be for the first time, the un-powerful person can become powerful. The internet is the first platform where global communication can take place?

There is however still the issue that 1% of the human race has over 99% of the wealth. What is more powerful, people or money? I’ll let you decide on that one!

The UK voted to leave Europe and become independent. The decision to stop fossil fuel, powered, vehicles on our roads, is a very bold and fantastic statement to the rest of the world.  Has the green revolution finally started? Is the UK government finally waking up? Could this be the start a global, green revolution?

Could this be the UK’s way of ridding it’s self, of it’s dependence on oil companies?

We all live on this planet. Nobody should be given the right to abuse the planet and the things that live on it.

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