Our Planet. Our Environment!

Environmental thought of the day.

After talking to friends of all ages, it seams to me that most people are concerned about the environment. Which is fantastic but for some reason we are led to believe, that if we do anything about our priceless environment, we’re wired!

A few people ignore litter and pollution, they aren’t the guilty party! It was early in my life, living in a shared house. I learned, if I want to live in a clean house or environment, I’d have to make it that way or it would just wind me up. That means we either encourage people to be that way, or we sort it ourselves and hope people will follow suit.

Consider these few things. Start with just 100 years ago! If you were to search for ancient treasure, you would probably dig in the dirt somewhere and find stones, worms and may be if you were lucky, you would find Roman treasure. If you were to dig in the same place today you would almost certainly find plastic bags, plastic bottles or some other modern litter.

I heard on the radio a while ago that a whale had eaten a dust bin, that had killed it. I wondered how it had happened and really didn’t believe it. Why would a whale eat a dustbin? Then I thought about the way they eat. They dive down very deep into the ocean and swim back to the top with there mouths open to catch all the fish and Krill. There mouths are huge and they don’t really look where they are going so it wouldn’t even know about the bin util it was to-late.

I saw an article in the National Geographic showing a family of Papa Niugini natives walking through the forest where they lived and on each side of them was a 100 ft wall of TV and PC screens stretching for miles. Where do you think our rubbish goes? 

The more we discuss these things, the more we can all agree to do about it. 😊

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