Project restoration, KAWASAKI H1A

This may be boring to some but very useful to others. I’m on with building my KAWASAKI H1A and the first thing I’ll be posting is the fork chroming.

Interested in Motorcycle restoration? You may find the following useful!

The upper fork legs for my 1971, KAWASAK H1A are no longer available. They were pitted, slightly bent but not creased. My only option was to get them repaired, if possible. I’d been told about hard a chroming company A.M. Philpot (Hard Chrome)LTD, who could re-chrome and machine both legs. I called them and described the damage. They agreed to do them. A month latter, they came back like new. For a link to there website, scroll to the bottom of the MOTORCYCLE page and find the RED button for “Hard Chroming”.

Next is the fork leg bottoms, they were corroded and very dull. They were sent off to Ashford Chroming and also came back like new and were badly pitted. The chrome on the bottoms is decretive and stunning. These came back late and I’m still waiting for some bits but am assured they will be here soon. They’ve taken 6 months so far. This may be understandable due to the pandemic. Please scroll to the bottom of the MOTORCYCLE page click on the RED button for Chroming.

Both of the above company’s seam very professional and I’m happy with the results so far.

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