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An Ugly Duckling that turned into a Swan.

Ocean Strider is a sailboat with electric drive. The plan is to circumnavigate the globe with my wife. You may be interested to know how we got here and follow our Adventure on this blog.

Most stories about sailors attempting to sail the world, are related to huge budgets which are unaffordable to the average person. An electric drive fitted to the sail boat, rather than a diesel engine and the budget just gets bigger.

My question is? How can 1 or 2 unaffordable electric drive assisted, sail boats attempting to circumnavigate the globe, have the environmental impact the human race is trying to achieve? It may be interesting to see how much the boats have cost and how they are pushing the technology envelope to accomplish their goal and I would think it’s also good R & D and marketing but who can really afford boats like these?

How long before the general public can afford one? You need to be affluent to afford a vehicle that is capable of traveling with a carbon zero-footprint. It’s almost the same story for cars and motorbikes but that’s another subject for later may be!

I know the above comments may seam negative but that really isn’t my intention.

A goal I’ve worked toward and had most of my life, is to circumnavigating the globe. Unfortunately, in the last year or 2, financial hardship hit and my wife and I were left with almost nothing. If not for the fantastic help from family, I really don’t know where we would be.

To cut a long story short. We managed to secure a 1979, 10-meter, Cobra 1050, duel keel sailing boat. The sale price of the boat was £16,500. The boat was a complete mess. When I first saw it, my reaction was NO F$C£ING WAY but my wife insisted we at least take a look.  We went inside and it was hanging, I mean lining hanging down, damp and mildew everywhere. It was very poorly fitted out and very basic but very spacious for her length. We had a chat and the rest as we say is history, after a bit of negotiation, she was purchased for £12,500. We literally had nowhere else to go!

We were both out of work, so set about scraping the mould and old paint from the outside and removed everything from the inside. A paint and polish on the outside and a part fit inside. We’ve now had comments such as, she is the best-looking boat in the marina.

The main reason for this blog is to show off our travels and show how having a boat such as Ocean Strider can make the trip affordable. Realising your dreams does not need to be lost if misfortune hits hard. You can bounce back.

Maybe our blog will inspire more of you not so wealthy sailors/adventurers to realise your dream’s, no matter what misfortunes come your way. If we prove this trip is possible and protecting the environment can save you money at the same time, then it makes it more affordable to do the right thing. It’s a win, win situation.

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