A positive thing for the environment.


A personal one, from me about the environment and how, in my opinion. We can all help!

A world that can sustain all life for ever.  My hope for the future and its happening!

I’m sure that DC Electric motors are a big part of the answer. Consider a vehicle that you fill up at home, no more trips to the filling station, runs on electricity, is clean, oil free, quiet and vibration free and can be as fast as any road vehicle out there. That’s just road vehicle’s, there already out there. Other possibilities for DC Electric motors are endless, in fact anything with an engine that burns fuel and probably more.

I must admit it took me a while to fully click onto the following. The UK has built its first wind and solar farms. To build the first was probably not a good thing (short term), as far as the environment is concerned. However, we are past that first. Wind and solar is a huge power generator for our national grid and there are thousands out there. Those wind and solar power generators, now power our industry, which now build more wind generators and also power our electric cars, or boats in my case. That alone will have a huge, positive influence on the environment.

The planet is getting cleaner, quieter. Wind farms at sea, indirectly create reserves for fish and underwater life. This new environmentally friendly, energy industry should snowball. Giving everyone a better planet and cheaper energy but only if common sense is in control.

We have to keep going in this direction, it’s awesome! We are finally moving forward 😊

More on the environment to come.

I would love to hear your ideas on this subject. Please like, follow and share this post with your friends, for the good of our planet.    

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  1. Heya, your revamp looks good! When it comes to the layout though, I’d prefer if there was a ‘Blog’ menu item, where I can just go ahead and read whatever you’re writing on your blog.

    Then the others such as About, Motorcycles, and Boat Building can be as static pages.

    Hopefully this makes sense as I’m not sure if I’m explaining this right, lol. Have fun!

    1. Hi Stuart thank you for the comments. Regarding the Blog menu item. I’m not really sure what you mean, I was under the impression that all the blogs were available on the home page. I’ve organised some posts, by adding a link from motorcycles and boat building. Would you mind being a little more specific, that would be really helpful to a new-comer! Thank you

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