Hi to all.

Now we come to the exciting part and it’s all about the detail. I assume you have your parts back and have checked them? Or some of them, so you can get started on the build.

Try to keep a professional attitude and don’t rush. Consult your parts and workshop manual. If you need help ask someone, if you don’t ask, you will either hurt yourself or damage something. No good to anyone!!!

The best place to start, is to get the engine into the frame. This I will advise as best I can. Most engines are a very tight fit into the frame and its never straight forward. If you have a workshop manual consult it. If not, find a related post on the internet or get a manual!!

Get the finished engine in the frame.

The following applies to most bikes:

  • First protect the frame and engine as much as possible, without restricting access and movability. Place a blanket and protection on the floor, or a solid low bench.
  • Determine the correct side; look at the frame, to determine which side gives you the best access. Most frames have removable rails and brackets.
  • Lie the engine on its side on the blanket with packers underneath, to keep it stable and safe.
  • With help, lower the frame with all brackets and rails removed and/or the best access down over the engine, being very careful not to damage anything.
  • You and your helper, will need to keep your eyes on the whole operation and don’t lose patience.
  • When you have the frame resting in position on the mounting points, loosely fit, as many engine mount bolts as possible with the nuts fitted if possible.
  • With help, flip the engine and frame to vertical, the correct orientation.

Place the unit on a secure stand and start the build. Parts like carbs and air boxes are very tight. Consult your manual for the correct order in which to proceed.

I would now complete the rolling chassis, with the main stand fitted. Preferably on a bike lift/bench. You wont regret it.

At this point, I have to assume you have a workshop and parts manual. It’s time to get stuck in.

Don’t rush, if you get frustrated walk away. For general questions you can contact me through my CONTACT page. For more specific questions, contact the Owners Club if you are a member. If not, join one. They should be very focused and willing to help with specifics.

Please send me images of your project as you progress, I would love to see them. Use the email address on my contact page.

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Good luck.

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