Organise Yourself

It makes all the difference!

Double check images of the standard bike against the parts, so that you don’t make mistakes with the finish. If it’s a custom job, it’s decision time. Some of this work gets a bit frustrating but it will be worth-it when your rebuilding. As you check, you’ll build a better image of the task in your mind’s eye. What wants doing, how bad or good it is and how you’re going to deal with it. You may also need to do some re-organising.

After you’ve done that and are sure everything is properly categorised. Contact your service provider’s. I find it best to send all the parts for refurbishing as soon as possible, if budget allows.

If you chose to re-finish some parts yourself, there’s lots of tools and how to videos for the D.I.Y. finisher on the internet. If you have time, with patience you can get a professional finish.  

Use reputable service providers to recondition your parts, don’t skimp if possible. Check the reviews on google and talk to the staff, be sure they know what they are talking about. Any lost or damaged parts will be difficult and expensive to replace. Take images and list the parts they’ll be doing and get the service provider to do the same, as proof you’ve left the parts with them.

Check completion times and prices with all service providers. Chroming usually take the longest.

Whilst all the services are being caried out, you should check availability and source new or used parts (if you have not already done so) and restore old parts that are repairable. As you do this, protect, wrap and label the parts, then re-box them.

Be patient waiting for your parts, but keep in touch with the service providers. It reminds them you’re there and your parts will be on there radar.

Sorting things out at your end will keep you busy.

That’s Stage 3.

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