Its a good start.

A standard bike is a good place to start. This gives you a good idea of everything you’re going to need. Sit down and do a list. Get prices and add it all up. See the rest of the post for more details.

1st stage of Restoration.

The same basic rules apply to all restoration, standard or custom. You’re aiming to get a project back to its former glory, for as little work and cash as possible.

When you get to the bike. Check the steering stops and frame. These things can be straightened but they will need sorting before you strip the bike and paint the frame.

When you’re looking at a project, try to picture the finished item you hope it to be when you’re finished. Sit down, list the parts and services you are going to need, with the cost if posible and your time to get it there.

Try to price each item as closely as possible. Even small bits can cost a fortune if it’s a classic! This gives you time to think.

Walking away for a few days is a good thing, even if you miss it. If you just have to have it, you’ll have to live with it, god or bad!!

If you found the project on the internet, ask for close up images and a video of it working (if that’s part of the deal), before you commit to buy. The person selling it should be willing do that; if not, ask why.

Once you’ve costed the parts and services, add at least 25% to cover the things you didn’t expect. That will give you a cushion at the end, or at least you’re expected losses will be less.

Once you have the cost and time information down on paper. Add your estimated cost to the price of the original project plus collection if needed. Check to see if you have the budget. If it’s not good, try to walk away. If it’s all good, let’s get to work.

An important asset, if you decide to get the project, is a Parts Manual. Either paper copy or download a copy off the internet; it will be so beneficial during your restoration.

Happy hunting😊

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