2nd stage of Restoration.


You have your bike where you want it. A nice warm workshop would be nice, if you are really lucky, a lift to get the bike to a good working height, and last but not least, Planet Rock on the radio 😊. If there’s any way you can afford the above, the job will be so much more enjoyable, which normally has a beneficial effect on the finished item. You could always sell the lift once you are done, the radio and workshop are good to keep.


A decent set of tools and a bench to organise them on is a must. Try to keep your tools as organised as possible, its saves so much time if they are immediately to hand.


A few stackable storage boxes of different sizes and zip up bags are very useful. I normally label them with the following, add more if needed:

  • Paintwork
  • Powder Coating
  • Polishing chroming
  • D.I.Y. Repair
  • Restore
  • Other professional services
  • Scrap parts

Now you’re set up with the work area, storage and bike. Take as many images as you can, of the complete item and all the important parts, as you strip it.


If anything’s seized, its save masses of time if threads are left intact, bearings and pins are removed before re-coating, the finish will be better and the build will be easier. A blow torch and lots of easing oil, will be very handy as you strip it down (be careful with the blow torch and oil). Even consider using a professional if you are desperate. It makes sense in the long run.


As you’re stripping. Take more images and separate the parts into the correct box’s, related to the service they will require. Try to replace the nuts bolts, screws, clips & pins, exactly were they came from on the parts. If possible, take an image of each separate part with all fasteners in place. If you have a smart phone this should be no problem and well worth the effort. If not, a digital camera would be a useful investment. Keep all the images safe for the rebuild. You can also make a template to fit the screws if you think you’ll need it, they are incredibly useful.

Now your organised and ready to double check all the separate parts.

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