How to D.I.Y. like a professional. Its about the mindset. Read on!!

You can do it properly.

Learn fast, take advantage of every experience!

That’s a very broad statement. One which, if you get time to think about it, should make every task easier and better in the end.

I’m sure we all remember parts of our younger days, or maybe you are young. “This is to the young”, being older can be great, if you learn from your mistakes. I get more confident the older I get but continued to make mistakes. I believe it’s because subconsciously experience tells us we do make mistakes; we just have to survive and accept it.

When I was young, I believed that every-time I made a mistake I was being stupid. I was to pig headed to accept criticism. My reaction was to rebel and hang out with the bad asses. I didn’t listen to my teachers anymore, started slacking at school, so didn’t learn a lot. I carried on down that road and ended up with really bad grades when I left.

There’s nothing wrong with criticism, even if it sounds negative at the time. Take stock of the situation and sort yourself out. Don’t make my mistake!!!

After messing up at school, I really struggled to get an apprenticeship but kept trying. Eventually I got a Welder Plater Apprenticeship out of town. My new boss was the Vice President of the Welding Institute. He insisted we had half an hour, to practice our chosen skill every day. That time helped me understand how to do things properly. He would give us time to think the job through, clean and set up our bench, then complete the practice piece. He personally checked the work I’d completed, talk through the job with me and advise how I could make a better job next time.

What he taught me. Get your work area ready, take time to look at the task. (read the instructions, visit the internet, YouTube for more guidance). Give yourself time to think it through. It was and still is the best way to approach and complete any task. I believe it’s the same for almost everything in our lives. If you are not sure, if possible, take time out. Even walk away and sleep on it but don’t start the task until you’ve given your-self the time, to think it through and get things ready. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish!

Just one more thing on this blog! An old school enemy of mine, came to me for a job (I’ve had several businesses). He showed me, he was a fantastic mechanic. He was awesome at every practical task I gave him. He just seemed to follow every part of the paragraph above. He taught me that if you focus, you can do most tasks well. Unfortunately, his school trends followed him to this job and he became very violent and I had to sack him. That also taught me that some leopard’s never change their spots.

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