Another restoration project. KAWASAKI H1A, 1972

Hi all. It’s dark, cold, wet & windy in UK and we’re about to go into another luverly lock-down “yay” :>(. Blogging, Ocean Strider and bikes will keep off the street, I like to be busy. I hope it’s all good for you too!

I’ll get stuck into another restoration project. A KAWASAKI H1A. An awesome bike, (I did an older H1 in the 90’s. I’ll scan some images for you). I believe the H1 still has the highest power to weight ratio ever 😊. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, the HONDA CB750K2 is restored, loads of images on my phone. I’ll have a go at doing a historical blog on how I got it to the mint condition its now in.

The KAWASAKI H1A, started already but I’ve not got very far with it yet. I must confess it’s probably one of the most environmentally un-friendly motorcycles ever made, but to me its better to recycle than just scrap, it’s a total classic and I’ve got it now. I would imagine it will get used on very rare occasions (relative to time), so the impact will be low 😊.

One more project to come. Restoring and upgrading Ocean Strider & fitting an electric drive!

As you can see on my blog, I’ve got a few things going on “Try to keep up”. I’ll do my best to get you caught up before we start our sailing circumnavigation which I hope will be around April 2021. There should be some awesome vids to see from that trip. Can’t weight to show you and just hope the world sorts it-self out.

Cheers Les

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