HONDA CB750K2. My Motorcycle Restoration Project!

I did say it wouldn’t be just about boats and traveling.

This is going to be really short though, just to introduce you to another love, motorbikes “Restoring them is my real passion”.  I’ll be writing about this Honda CB750K2 in a few blogs. It’s been restored by myself already, so it will be a historical story of how and what I did!

Hope you like the images. I thought Black & White suited best!!

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2 thoughts on “HONDA CB750K2. My Motorcycle Restoration Project!

    1. Hi Paul, thank you for the comment.
      Yes she’s a beauty, if you get the chance both the Kawasaki H1A and the Honda CB750K2 are at the Siloth MC museum, North Cumbria on the coast with other bikes.
      My wife and I are now sailing around the world, a few years before we are back. I’ll do my best to get the blog properly organised. You just might find it interesting. I hope to show lots of adventures and places most folk never really get to. I might find some interesting bikes and stuff that you like too.
      Keep in touch and have a good one.
      Les & Jeanette

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