Sailing. Life the Universe and everything.

Here we go, my first blog. I’m Les.

I love boats, motorbikes, living life to the max & my wife.

I’m very concerned about the environment and want to do as much as I can to take care of it, whilst I live my dreams. That’s why we have an electric drive on a sail boat “its awesome”. After small water tests, I believe we can circumnavigate the word, using good planning, weather predictions and no fuel “at least I hope so” I’ll keep you informed. This will be a long term test and we will be the guinea-pigs, I hope the end result, will give more boaters the confidence to go electric. Its working on cars, so why not!!!

I’ve lived on old and new narrowboats a big part of my life. I moved out of my house in 1989 and live on the River Soar. Changed to a used 1979, 10-meter, twin keel Cobra 1050 sail boat and live on the Solway (Irish Sea) in Cumbria, 2019.

I want to share this blog with you:

To give an idea of the ups and downs of my journey and the life I’ve lived, getting to this point. Where we “my wife and I” are almost ready to get going on our trip,

The benefit of over 40 years’ experience, living on, restoring/upgrading and building over 60 boats. What makes them tick, what makes them comfortable, what keeps them going reliably and the benefit of my experience traveling on and maintaining a long-distance cruising, sail boat with electric drive.

All the experiences, images and videos, of our hopefully successful circumnavigation, experiencing the fantastic and not so fantastic things on this planet.   

As with most things at the moment, things have been put on hold. However, I didn’t want that to be a negative. I decided to look at the detail, the things on a boat that would not normally be included, deemed essential to our journey but would make things more sustainable, safer and comfortable. This way we would have more time to enjoy our trip, reduce the cost and maintenance needed to complete a journey like this.

I hope you follow us on our past and future journey’s. I’ll do my best to keep things interesting and hopefully you may pick up some information and tips which will make it possible for you to live your dreams.

I’ll be writing this blog, based on what I consider a regular budget. We aren’t rich due to pasts sh%t that life’s thrown at us. We have not got regular incomes coming in but we are going to do our best to have a f*c$ing good time and let you knows all about it.

There’ll be long term tests on the equipment I fitted and work I’ve done to make the boat comfortable and safe. So, if it doesn’t work. I’ll let you know and if it does, I’ll shout it out loud so you can use my experience to make life easier, cheaper and more comfortable for you on your boat.

I’m struggling to stop writing now coz I’m enjoying this to much. Keep following us and do your best to enjoy life and try to make every negative into a positive learning experience. I know its not always easy but try.     

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