Welcome onboard OCEAN STRIDER. Join our eco friendly Ocean Sailing Adventure.

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OCEAN STRIDER onward bound.

A liveaboard sailing adventure and long term electric propulsion test.

OCEAN STRIDER is an eco friendly, ocean cruising, sail boat. We’re onboard to convince our fellow sailors, that electric propulsion works and will get you where you want to go.

A 1979 COBRA 1050 sail boat, with twin keels, which gives her the ability to dry out for maintenance and cleaning; this is a huge advantage in tidal waters. Her dimensions are 10.2m length x 3.9m beam x 1.5m draft.

Join us, on our live- aboard sail boat to explore the the places we visit and live the experiences we live.

Come participate in the journey with us, travelling from place to place, under sail and with our electric engine. Discover where we stay by night and day, both at anchor and in marinas.

Our aim is to have a ZERO % carbon foot-print and keep it there. Then we will pass the information onto you sailors everywhere, who can make a more informed choice whether to go electric or not. We hope you do!